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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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zero. this is al-jazeera. the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the rain eases but southern india's problems are getting worse the floods in kerala for seven hundred thousand people from their homes and into camps also emergency workers in italy are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in genoa which collapsed on choose day. and trying to flee the country but going nowhere venezuelans find their lack of travel documents denies them entry into neighboring countries. libya's financial squeeze the rising price of sheep is casting
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a shadow over the annual celebrations. of the day sporting pleading their first gold medal of the asian games has been won by china i'll have all the details later in the program. welcome to the news hour thousands of people are still stranded in the southern indian state of carola days of heavy flooding more than one hundred ninety people have lost their lives in the last week alone the conditions are improving though in the major road that work has been cleared for use but the largest airport in coachy is still water logged but the military is opening up its base to commercial traffic from monday and to thomas reports from carola homes nearly submerged in flood water people forced to leave their properties behind you know to to avoid the floods or landslides. this has been the scene for over
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a week because the southern indian state of kara battles heavy rains. the subsequent floods have been described as the worst in nearly a hundred years. only going to what the levels are rising since yesterday the rains have been heavy it's still ongoing people are worried. the floodwaters and mudslides have killed hundreds of people since the start of the monsoon season in june some parts of the state to receive nearly double the average annual rainfall in digital double. the rainfall has led to massive landslides where chunks of the mountain of come down blocking the entire stretch although the clearance team is working to open the road it's unlikely it will happen the. weather forecasters say heavy rains will continue over the weekend but will ease off towards but while that is good news for those affected in kerala the rains will likely be drifting to other states in the country and that is for the future though for right now the relief effort is in full swing parents like cafferty this is far enough south of
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the state the worst floods for a fly collection points like this one each with hundreds of volunteers all sourcing through donations and putting them on the trucks to send all. their biscuits rice medicines and toiletries and then the irony in kerala right now what is needed most is water. well under joins me now from a do from most probably one of the very few dry spots in the area how bad is it. it really is remarkably bad i mean the numbers are just staggering well over seven hundred thousand people now in evacuation camps we saw some of those evacuations take place. today twenty two thousand people rescued just on sunday some people were able to be driven out in trucks but others the elderly particularly had to be carried from bugs and taken to dry land in that way and then that there are
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supplies going in because although that number seven hundred thousand is remarkable that is fall off from the total number of people whose homes at the completely flooded have been affected by this disaster we walked through the flood waters we saw some of those houses a most of them are still occupied most people still want to stay in their homes so the overall number of people whose lives we thought it is in the millions and that is no exaggeration at all we saw people carrying in rice and food and water getting those essential to people in their homes they were pushing boats across what roads but have now of course flooded rivers effectively the flow in those waters is very very strong and that's what wash some people away and called some of those deaths but it's a really really tricky operation that's going on here indeed and we spoke to one official in the day and he was talking about the fact the the water has in some
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parts receded yet the pictures which we've just seen the early pictures now that you just sent us show a very different story what's your assessment of where you've been and what you've seen as to whether the water is receding because weather forecasters say there's an east another day also of rain to come. well people measure the depth of the water here in terms of where to go on their body so they'll say it's ankle deep their role quite steep over there and what we have been told again and again is that on thursday friday the water in many people's homes was above their heads has dropped in the area that i've seen on sunday and now the house as we saw it was about white state so if the level has come down and although there's been a pace of right in the central part of terror on sunday it hasn't been as heavy as it has been in previous states like things are improving in a sense but of course the time that has passed since the worst of the water came through is creating its own problems people risk getting sick they've got less less
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food in their houses they've got less water and they so while the water is going down the toy and supplies is going up so that is the tricky thing now and the other thing is logistics you can't get a mobile phone signal for example anywhere in the flooded areas because electricity isn't powering the towers we had to come to the top of the hill that tower there is the only one in the area that's working well enough to get this cost out so that's a big issue because we know there are lots of people in lots and lots of villages and towns and they can't get messages out so vote the military is sending fifty three helicopters over above you'll think some trucks going where they are and where the waters to the rest of the looks of people out there who haven't yet been reached for the moment we'll leave it there with you andrew in vision because out of vision we have mr t.m. thomas isaac he's the finance minister of state and joins me on the phone lines are obviously communications of very risky at the moment with the scenario as you find
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out how is the situation at the moment how well have your state's emergency services been able to cope with the floods. now we're really two distinct sort of the fourteen. which means the crisis that's already peaked but that doesn't mean. for example the center part of care law allows a tract of land is below the sea level is the main rice going you. see all of the. traditional records from for the two or three days. because all the rivers are draining into the city. such that i have sites. all of the they look come down but remarkable it's even in a matter of three four days we have been able to move really.
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fifty thousand persons to camps. i think the talk was number displaced because including those who moved to the ladies from friends houses would be well over one point five billion that gives us an overview that gives us an overview say you have a constituency that's very close to the sea what of your constituents been able to tell you if you've had any communication with the middle. they the the fisher folk and the other seal coast afraid of really remarkable role in the rescue operations are worth five hundred fisheries boats country boats fitted with the. mortal they have the operation they don't fear of. their being in the forefront of a skew and shifting operations so they did play a very very important role thirty four states before. monsoon and of course
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pollution and coastal storms have spawned happen therefore the fisherfolk have been able to move to the interior lake systems and rules to help the people if that's the case then one would perhaps what does move forward in a climate and wonder what funds have now or will be set aside for rehabilitation of those affected areas and villages once the waters recede because residents will want to go back and rebuild their lives how much help can you give them. well. three four days before what receipts and people come to. their own hundred thousand houses would like to be able. to order. even the houses which are really really clear because all those has come.
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down. you know little after one week can't imagine the number of plastic water. supply to the city you have to clear the plastic and the. wash. so can i also just interject can i just interject here just to let our international audience know about the structure and the sort of the geography of carol i mean i know what it's like you have actually a scenario of road structures which are artificially ranged to combat the possibility of floods and we know as your saying that even those roads structures have been submerged to get that aid to people who have been affected you will need that very important and well maintained road structure that has been there historically that is very important to assess what the waters recede how it is badly damaged you will need the military sholay and central government in delhi to
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help you more. yes now the federal government has announced. small support but we have got to negotiate for a better deal because the sale of one third of the two really damaged and the cost of rebuilding these roads would come over one billion groupies and therefore this is a very very serious matter so we are going to go to go but how this money can be raised we're also going to reach out to multilateral insist for one to rebuild the water systems the once response which you have been seeking help in boston. to the holts. this calamity also points to some serious balance for for their development the environmental considerations it is very
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clear. what the kerry camp presently of the river basin has shrunk which is sharply and therefore more sustainable that means that we have to have watership binding if we. put this disaster will prompt us to think in the most costly and it will develop and bought into it which is what happens that in the future for speaking to you again once the waters recede and we get a better assessment of what's going on with was it thanks very much for joining us from cowen. qatar's government has also pledged five million dollars in assistance for carolers flood victims the emir sheikh to mean been have adult honey and now that the aid package saying that he acknowledged the special bond with india and the contribution of the people of carola that have made the cattle another state charity organization has also launched a campaign to raise funds. landslides have come down and several buildings have been badly damaged after another powerful earthquake on the indonesian island of
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lombok a magnitude six point five quake was a shallow depth of less than eight kilometers and centered in the northeast of the island people ran into the streets in panic this tremor occurring just exactly two weeks after one measuring magnitude seven calls widespread destruction a community hall in one village was has collapsed and a mosque as well as buildings that are badly damaged due to the latest tremor but so far there have been no more reports of serious injuries more than four hundred thirty people were killed two weeks ago and thousands of buildings were destroyed south koreans long separated from relatives are preparing to travel to north korea for a rare reunion they've been preparing at an orientation session before being allowed to cross the border on monday it'll be the first event of its kind since october twenty fifteen and only the twentieth this millennium many korean families have been divided since the war the one nine hundred fifty s. which split the peninsula israel has announced it's closing one of the key
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crossings into an already severely deprived gaza strip defense minister avigdor lieberman said the air it's crossing the would be shut down in response to recent violence along the border fence of friday israeli forces killed two two palestinians and wounded sixty others during the weekly march of return protests now those talks aimed at easing tension between him us and israel continue entirely . a spokesman for the u.s. led coalition in iraq says american forces will stay there as long as necessary the coalition has been patrolling regions that were previously under eisel control at the beginning of the year the pentagon said there were more than five thousand u.s. troops in the country the results of iraq's election in may have been ratified by the country's supreme court that now means a three month deadline has been set in motion for the winning parties to form the government and they should wind recount earlier this month confirmed populist shia cleric with other old souther lead positioning him to play a central role in forming iraq's next government more ahead here of the news hour
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including thousands of syrians crossed the border from turkey to the rebel held it live prophets to celebrate he. also defied turkish president pledges to fight back against those he says are threatening the economy of the country. and japan's latest major league baseball star shows he can form a depression joe will be here with that kids. to europe emergency workers in italy are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in genoa which collapsed on choose day firefighters captured this video of the efforts to stabilize a section of the bridge the death toll officially stands now at forty three rescuers believe no other people are missing the company which was responsible for maintenance and construction has pledged over five hundred million dollars to help rebuild the bridge while thousands of the bridges and tunnels are being
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structurally assessed across italy david chaytor shows we know from the cattle boat in surveyed the province so the real work david begins to inspect the hundreds of bridges around the country. that's right and of course just two days after the tragedy in general and the bridge collapse the consumer association and it believe brought out a list of twenty two sections of motorway which they said needed reexamination and were showing signs of very strong structural deterioration now i'm under a stretch of motorway that travels between genoa and children and you can see the problem the scale of the problem here you can see up there that there's a widening gap between two sections and what they appear to have done is actually just stapled a piece of wood to cover the cracks now you can see all around that the water is getting in it's getting in to corrode the steel rods which are part of the
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reinforced concrete and that that is just one little section here on this motorway and it appears there must be some sort of serious problem with the concrete that they're actually using maybe too much sand was put into the mix and it's not proving effective or strong enough but it's not the only problem that's being faced by italy and we've just had an audit commission by the french government which shows that there are eight hundred forty bridges on the french motorway network which are also showing signs of serious deterioration and could lead to collapse like we saw in genoa so it appears to be a much wider problem is not just here in italy but across france as well where they're having these problems with the sheer volume of traffic that's taking place on these roads the huge number of tourists and the stresses on the concrete i don't
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think that the the engineers have actually assessed it properly and this bridge is only twenty years old unlike the one in general which was over fifty years old and collapsed is a serious problem here and the engineers and the analysts are going to have to get to work very very quickly because all the people in this area don't travel on this motorway anymore anymore they know and they've seen what these cracks are like and they stick to these local roads instead of for the moment thanks very much david for the update. venezuelans have been lining up along the ecuadorian border trying to leave their troubled nation but acquittals government has tightened entry requirements venezuelans now need a passport to gain entry pvc they really needed that national id. we want them to help us at least with processing the temporary travel card or something at least a facilitative for us because it was too short a notice we were on the road already when they put out the news just like that boom on wednesday we left and all of a sudden they tell us that today well maybe it was saturday i think it's saturday
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because i'm still a bit disoriented so jeez we would like them to at least facilitate that for us or that the ecuadorian institutions at least help us on that part. as a latin america analyst in washington d.c. she says venezuelans in are finding it difficult to seek help in neighboring countries. they've been in for a long crisis has created every general crisis and on the top of the many challenges stubbornness will and has to face not just only in the current three in venezuela because of the economy can political crisis now are going to swell and they are trying to not to leave the country to escape in australia and now there we are and they are facing a lot of a lot of problems because neighboring contrie suspiciously ecuador she live in bed all too they announced in you'll save the free will ations in order to stop the
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influx of venice well and not just only to cross the border there or but also all this been a felon who wants to try to stay in their conflicts so in the first place they are asking menace willems two percent the bali passport and this is really a challenge for every been a swale and because not only big go but a man failed to control the contras film we smile energetic on three both also here they go over to men face to each to their documents for venezuelans because of her lack of papers so many when it's well and they try to use his their id cards in order to grow their borders but now. this congress are announcing that they are not going to allow that to any more. venezuela's government has to put into circulation a new currency on monday it's called the sovereign bolli far it's the latest attempt to control hyperinflation then you know it will be paid directly to the
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states cryptocurrency the petro which is backed by the country's crude oil reserves the one petro has a value of three thousand six hundred dollars so the we've effectively devalues the sovereign believe all by ninety six percent now this is all part of a series of moves by president nicolas maduro to contain an economic crisis which also includes a promise of raising the minimum wage by three thousand percent the international monetary fund predicts venezuela's inflation will climb to one million percent by the end of the year let's speak to cryptocurrency economist gary coleman in london he's a research associate at the university of cambridge and the london school of economics could have you with us live on al-jazeera we have a global audience perhaps many of the might be scratching their heads or trying to understand how a crypto currency is going to help the ordinary man on the street in venezuela in terms of how it works alongside the body of art that he's got in his pocket.
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right well crypto currencies have already been helping them to wayland's a number of them have taken to putting their savings in her and she's like big quiet as the borg are has been plummeted in value over the last few years amateur in the bins we're in government of course have noticed this movement of crypto currencies and are trying to capitalize that on that with their own crypto currency the petro how does the cryptocurrency then anchored to the oil derrick or back to petro digital currency sort of going to dig president madeira out of sort of economic woes that his country faces. right well at this point there's many more questions than there are answers really we're starting to get more details like what is the exchange rate of the petro to the bowl of our but there's still a question of whether or not that exchange rates going to be a hard or a fix or a hard or soft peg to the to the ball of our is the price of oil and will the number of all of ours per petro change will people be all that widely access to
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petro will it be something that's freely tradeable on other crypto currency exchanges these are all questions that we still don't know the answer to but the there is the possibility that having a more stable petro in the bins of will and economy will help the average ones walen the lines of thought the currencies can offer a level of privacy that traditional banks can they can vent american sanctions but also isn't doesn't leave open to abuse drug smugglers hold people smugglers and the funding around those sorts of scenarios so again it's going to depend on what type of crypto currency the petro is is something that. has a lot of know your customer an anti money laundering technology built into it or is it something that's a little more decentralized like other cryptocurrency is like bitcoin again these are all questions but if the currency is designed to help venza whale
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a skirt sanctions and has privacy built into it and it emitted then that could cut both ways it may also undermine the venezuelan government's ability to collect taxes and crackdown on it was tracked trade so it wouldn't surprise me if it has a little less privacy than many cryptic currencies like the coin was you talk about the fact that the government will try and collect taxes does this also in directly then mean that the government will will experience more inflation old less inflation with cryptocurrency if they can actually manage it properly and harness the advantages of it. so the petro does achieve a degree of credibility and is in fact oil back there are oil reserves that people can count on to be backing the petro then it's very likely that petro could actually help stabilize the currency situation invincible ala and that in turn
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could have a positive effect for the average venezuelan who's been being expropriated really liquidated by the hyperinflation that's been taking place in venezuela over the past several years but again are is there really going to be oil back in the petro could someone go to the government sad like to convert my petros for oil we shall see we just don't know the answer these questions at this point and the president is is backing really the currency because he's hoping to try to lot of his social housing programs if it would if it fails you know who's to blame him or will you just blame the currency to think well well we'll see i mean politicians have a tendency to in general all across the world try to blame blame others when things go wrong so i think you know venezuela i think you know deserves a little bit of credit here for thinking creatively about how to address their economic problems you know it's an interesting experiment i'll try to remain open
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minded i think given you know the recent events and venezuela though it's difficult for some people to be optimistic about how this is all going to play out but there is certainly the possibility this works out well and makes a positive impact for the average as well in which that you see what happens on monday and in the weeks ahead for the moment gary thanks so much for joining us from our london studio. so if the weather has evidence we already focusing on all top story we southern india yes absolutely so we are looking at some better weather over the next couple of days but of course it's going to take ages for the flood waters to recede let's put some numbers on this you can see the kind of rainfall that we've seen normally you would expect to see in the entire monsoon season right about two thousand and forty millimeters of rain across the state of kerala seen a good three hundred millimeters more than that so far this year and there's still around a month of the season left to go so we really have got some major problems going on
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here is they'll see a few showers as we go on through the next few days but the where this weather has significantly receded and will continue to do so as we go on through the next day or two a lot of class still showing up on the satellite picture more so though as we go on into monday and shoes day the wetter weather will not just way further northward so we can see some more heavy rain coming back into eastern parts of the country along the western gas and right down into carola yeah there will still be some showers around but they will be somewhat fewer and further between and we should start to see the winds easing off now it's not just south asia with some flooding concerns north asia also has some as well we see some very heavy rain recently some flooding rains as a result of tropical storm irene be making its way up the eastern side of china next once pushiness typhoon soulik that's going to run up towards southern parts of south korea by the middle of the weeks. thanks very much of it and well still ahead here on al-jazeera america i had no one america your nicholas your untouchable
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but when you're about to calmly breaking racial barriers in hollywood. also where u.s. bombs used in the yemen attack that killed forty children the reports calls it a political storm and in sports with joe picture from christiane over at all those first league games for you than just to stay with us here officer. and hundred forty twelve on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. sound cloud of the economic
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heartbeat of a thriving brazil but boom times mean rising rents and the lack of public housing isabella is just one of thousands looking for a place to call home has no choice but to occupy one of the city's many vacant buildings facing an uncertain future. he'll find a latin america occupying brazil on al-jazeera. back. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera the whole robin a reminder of our top stories thousands of people are still stranded in the
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southern indian state of carola after days of heavy flooding the worst one soon floods in a century of play more than a hundred ninety lives in just over a week but the rains are now easing and major roads are being cleared so help can get through. emergency workers in italy who are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in genoa which collapsed on cheese day firefighters captured this video of the efforts to stabilize a section of the bridge the death toll stands at forty three. venezuelans have been lining up along the ecuadorian border trying to leave their troubled nation but i could also government has tightened entry requirements venezuelans now need a passport to gain entry previously they're needed national i.d. . the u.n. is warning that a syrian government offensive in a global put three million people in danger but that hasn't stopped refugees in turkey from going back across the border to eat thousands of people have crossed through the crossing into which is the last rebel held province in the country. has more from inside syria near the border with turkey. in the last ten days at this
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fifty thousand syrians have crossed the border of from turkey side to the syrian side to spend their either the feast with their family with their relatives and the daily crossing at the skate is five thousand syrians per day according to turkish officials numbers that they tell us but the spike they come here the sentiment of each of the feast is not that much felt especially in the camps people know that there is a feast there is a need and it's a very important celebration for the muslims but they are so upset when we ask them how they feel about that because they miss their home they miss obvious to spend the aid with their family of course forward's is one of the major problems over here during the day the other missing sacrifice some sheep and other animals to share the meat with the relatives friends and and with the neighbors but however
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they don't have any money they are dependent on the it's that are delivered in a month it's only about school of some full of some goods so the situation is kind of dire here still and there are almost eight hundred fifty thousand people stuck in my camp which is meters away from the turkish border you can feel the sentiment of the feast in the if that's the center and other places like down a city but the camps they are under so dire conditions and people know that it is aid but they are upset. missions for to celebrate the festival of evil how the libyans are complaining of a huge rise in the price of sheep and they say they just can't afford to buy a lot into stores or for the holiday mood of the way he has more from tripoli. because lamb season in libya like all the muslim countries. mr feldman hurries to guarantee one for his family. his making sure it is old enough to secure finds
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during their holiday. he says it used to be affordable to buy a sheep that weighs forty kilogram but now prices are very hard. it took us months to save the land price in fact many people can't even afford to buy one this year is worse than the previous years banks are struggling with a shortage of currency and people queue up for long hours to cash their deal a cell arrays some lim traders are even accepting checks and credit cards but they often charge high interest trades sheep markets are everywhere in libya these days but yet the prices are very high and average land here is valued at around seven hundred dollars that's largely because during the last three years the libyan d.n.r.
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has lost much of its value. oil exports are the backbone of libya's income but fighting in the east has led to the blockade of four major oil ports for almost four years that has wasted more than one hundred billion dollars according to estimates this interim bank of libya has approved around one hundred million dollars to import plans but because this decision was made late civil shipments have not arrived on time for the holiday but there were no maché for a forward on your first date does not care about domestic livestock sheep have been smuggled to egypt and tunisia we can't be blamed for the high prices of the prices of water we buy has increased two hundred percent libya is rich in natural resources experts say it can grow more than its share of livestock but many here say mismanagement and corruption force them to compromise even on the
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religious obligations. tripoli turkish president rest of the one remains to find after two major ratings agencies want his country will find it even harder to pay its debts he insists the growing economic crisis is part of a plot against turkey once made the comments at a meeting of the ruling party the turkish lira has lost forty percent of its folly the share has more for a stumble a brisk business that's expanded along with turkey's middle class. act as been selling products made by turkey's largest home appliances company for twenty five years but lately his sales have taken a hit because. we've had to put our prices up because of the current economic situation and that's affected our sales. despite this he is optimistic that he and the country kind of weather the current economic storm which began as
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a war of words with tuckey's nato ally the us over according to the president donald trump the arrest of an evangelical pastor andrew bronson sparking a trade spat between the two countries is the start of the holiday week a turkey and despite the slump the shopping malls that bizarre as are all packed with people but the prices have shot up in recent days and people are feeling the pinch too good for people who are not affected us a lot of my pension is already gone because of this i don't know how all afford holiday presents for my family whom we need money to shop we can't do anything about it this is about the games being played between global policy it's kind of a cold war the devaluation in the turkish lira may be good for exporters but the uncertainty and continuing antipathy with the us has rattled the economy even as the current stabilized last week mark american or. of course the terrorists. in
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another financial times have affected turkey's economy it's borderline economic exploitation by the us as it's affected our sales president has placed much faith in an agenda of growth at all costs but that has had its own drawbacks billions of dollars have been borrowed and spent particularly in infrastructure and construction projects a tactic that could become unsustainable if there is further instability in turkey's economy so i go out jazeera istanbul. now the trumpet ministration is facing growing criticism at home over its role in the war in yemen u.s. media reports say an american made bomb was used in an airstrike that hit a school bus earlier this month fifty one people were killed forty of them were children and the galahad reports of washington d.c. . in northern yemen graves who recently dug for the victims of a saudi led coalition bombing that shocked the world on august the ninth
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a school bus was hit in an attack the coalition called legitimate military action more than fifty people were killed at least forty of them children aged between ten and twelve dozens more were injured. the u.s. has provided support to the saudi led coalition with intelligence and aerial refueling now there are renewed questions about the weapons being used in the war reports suggest the bomb used to attack the bus was made by lockheed martin and according to c.n.n. supplied by the us government as part of a sanctioned on deal politicians in the united states are demanding answers senator chris murphy who's announced a measure to hold military assistance to the coalition tweeted the following last week the saudi led coalition in yemen bombed a school bus killing forty four innocent kids and they did it with us supplied bombs intelligence support and midair refueling democratic house and senate members are also asking questions about u.s. involvement in a war that's been raging for more than three years their key concern is that the u.s. may not only be culpable but potentially violating international laws in two thousand
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and sixteen president obama banned the sale of precision guided weapon way to saudi arabia citing human rights concerns that measure was undone when the trumpet ministration came to power the us a since sold to saudi arabia as part of a multi-billion dollar deal and gallacher al-jazeera washington. after three and a half years of war little is functioning in yemen repeated bombings have damaged or destroyed water and sewage facilities and that's making people more vulnerable to diseases as mohammed atta reports. aiden's congested streets pulls over all see which is of the way heaps of garbage piled up in most neighborhoods in the city's divil habbush area barefoot children trudge through human waste oblivious of the risks we face a slope that says this month. we are living very hard conditions diseases are rife from cholera to diarrhea clean water is
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a rare commodity here above all electricity is out all the time the government has not done anything to repair the sewage system government officials refuse to move unless they're given bribes. entire neighborhoods have been flooded by sea would spill starts in some cases of contaminated water supply as another i've got it out i don't know about other diseases sewage garbage so what on earth is this this is shameful we cannot even walk around the neighborhood to reach and waste have flashed into our homes we are forced to scoop it out with our hands. yemen has long been the arab world's poorest country and all suffered from frequent conflicts. the current one started in two thousand and fourteen when all the fighters from the north allied with parts of the yemeni military stormed the capital forcing the internationally recognized government into exile. in march two thousand and fifteen a coalition led by so did obeah in the united arab emirates launched
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a military campaign aimed at pushing back the old ways and restoring the government . many coalition airstrikes are not only killed and wounded civilians but also damage to water and sanitation facilities the world health organization is in the middle of a company to prevent a recurrence of. the destruction to yemen school to send it to show facilities has already caused a cholera epidemic which has affected more than a million people letters that are. currently rates of contraction of cholera are still high according to the latest to sticks infection rates across the twenty three provinces across the country is about ninety six percent in other words twenty two out of the twenty three provinces in yemen so we can say the country's plate with the epidemic which is alarming an acute shortage of food on the resulting looks christian is wallsten in what is already the world's last humanitarian crisis the whole say for the outbreak of color in the middle of the
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model to show crisis could intensify the situation in yemen ramadan the world does the. world leaders all pay tribute to the former u.n. secretary general kofi annan who died at the age of eighty from one nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and six and received the nobel peace prize jointly with the organization in two thousand and one it is really bad for the world we have lost the moral voice of the world today. is bad for the world in many so so many other ways he was a peacemaker he was. always in the forefront of trying to help people it's devastating for me personally i mean he was a mentor he was a role model he was a friend he flew the flag of peace he flew the flag of collaboration throughout the world as he did with very difficult and challenging problems
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we were filled with pride to see an african leader dealing with world problems and finding solutions for them. afghanistan is marking the ninety nine in the pen been submitted to tear it in security situation present a show of garnier laid a wreath at the independence and are at inside the defense ministries compound to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives in the long running struggle to stabilize the country. well as italy hardens its immigration policy by preventing ships landing so the number of vibrance trying to reach the southern coast of spain is increasing rises put pressure on rescue services and fuel political debate on her to handle the situation karl penhall reports from of here us. exhausted but happy almost three hundred refugees in migrants rescued after
4:44 pm
setting out from morocco in baba rafts and spending the day adrift. this is the southern spanish port of the ark is serious most are from west africa including guinea ivory coast in mali the youngest is just a month old. this mother tells me she's hungry already missing the taste of tapioca and fish from home. twenty three year old has suddenly arrived in spain two months ago he was no position party youth organizer in guinea canakkale for told as he fled to escape arrest he crossed from morocco in a day like this packed with fifty others paying as much as four thousand euros each . i couldn't turn back the arabs forced to suborn with machetes at one point the engine gave out and i saw death before me i ask god to pardon me it was the worst moment of my life it was a catastrophe. a spanish in geo pays has sounds board and lodging until his
4:45 pm
political asylum request is processed. did vassal give to my african brothers is that crossing the mediterranean is because people don't risk your lives but hope for a better future is a powerful magnet standing here helps put things in a lot better perspective this just fifteen kilometers of see that separates spain from the north coast of africa and if you're standing over there europe must look like a dream that you can almost touch at city hall mayor. of the opposition people's party says the surgeon migrant arrivals has become a crisis they cannot and it was sufficient to you that we don't have sufficient aid to help all of africa we don't have enough capacity to receive all those who want to come we have to use our heads because the budget simply is not figure. human rights activists say the people's party is scaremongering. back at the port it's
4:46 pm
after midnight hundreds more are still arriving. a sick woman is stretchered off some huddle under red cross blankets and wait to be registered the mothers. had a baby cries for his mother he hasn't yet realized he's in safe hands. are. all still ahead here on al-jazeera in sports calls for a title in cincinnati but all too familiar face stones in roger federer's way those details coming up with joe to stay with us. tensions are high little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but will the event unite on
4:47 pm
drive a wedge between the villages. fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years to hand china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. leak. al-jazeera. where every.
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ok back a new movie with an ole shin constant signaling a big change for hollywood crazy rich asians is drawing the crown son regarded as a long overdue showcase of a long neglected part of american society rob reynolds reports from hollywood. a gala opening night for a movie that's breaking barriers. the romantic comedy crazy rich asians is the first major hollywood film in a quarter century with an all asian can ask the director and executive producer we all recognize the significance but to be honest right now as i'm talking to you i feel nothing but excitement. the actors may be asian but the movie's themes are universal family love and money to kids the biggest appellate burst in all this crazy rich asians is based on the bestselling novel by kevin kwan who produced the
4:49 pm
film you know i think it's important to acknowledge that it's been way too long since we've had an all star asian cast and a hollywood sort of movie about the same time this is the movie for everyone lori nakamura has already seen the film once and she's back with friends for a second viewing it's a wacky brahm com but i think at the same time it's also showing and asians in normal situations just like everybody else crazy rich asians is in a way a repudiation of hollywood sad history of racist and stereotype depictions of asians in film. from the exploitative kung fu flicks of the seven. eighty's plus my key that was the link you can go to mickey rooney's performance in breakfast at tiffany's asians have been denigrated and asian actors passed over for leading roles according to a recent study only about five percent of hollywood movie parts go to asian actors
4:50 pm
like laura condom or it just really seems that there are a lot of character parts out for ethnic you know are people of color but there weren't a lot of leading roles but sure the hoopla over crazy rich asians is box office hype the idea that an all asian cast is some sort of novelty glosses over the historic achievements of japanese korean and time cinema among others but coming after recent films like the superhero hit black and the charming animated feature coco crazy rich asian seems to be part of a long overdue trend i feel like we are seeing a sea change though a lot of these americans come out of screenings they have this this it is like this urge to cry and they don't know exactly why this movie is for that crazy rich asians will open in theaters worldwide in august and september robert oulds al-jazeera hotly.
4:51 pm
well the house peaceful next doesn't say oh thank you the asian games are underway in indonesia and china has taken the very first gold medal of the event it came in wish to combat sport that also has an individual performance discipline sun pay you on the man who got the gold for china at silver for the hosts in jakarta china has topped every asian games medal table since one thousand nine hundred eighty two and on their one form is not one hundred percent today it was more like ninety percent but i'm very pleased about that you can be at one hundred percent every time after all it's still a competitive sport. and how strange an event got their first gold medal of these games dessie a rust money a secured victory in taekwondo it's also their first ever gold medal in the four. olivier non-fans celebrated a football off upset you and playing high court
4:52 pm
a third minute goal against japan the four time asian cup championship and should is level that size and might as a.t.'s minute effort will all sides and so massive upset on the football pitch as vietnam the japan one nailed both teams qualify those for the knockout stage hydro is watching the games in jakarta for us and tells us who we should be looking out for the course of events the first full day of competitions here at asian games two thousand and eighteen after that very elaborate opening ceremonies here in jakarta now those six sports were played throughout the day over sixty medals were given out the very first gold going to china and surprisingly they've really dominated the asian games since the one nine hundred eighty s. it went into the competition was two they won the gold there that is a form of martial arts china is obviously a team to watch very closely because of their dominance but also another team that's going to be interesting to watch closely over these next two weeks is japan they have said that their organization has said that they are focused on how their
4:53 pm
athletes perform here yes against china but other nations because they see this they see the asian games as a tune up for the olympics in tokyo in two years so those are two teams deftly to follow another one it's going to have a lot of focus and that is the joint korea team the unified korea team there are three sports where north korea and south korea will compete together one is female basketball we caught up with their team after a practice session here in jakarta earlier in the day now they're very secretive about that practice session the gymnasium even had curtains so you couldn't see inside while they were practicing now as soon as they finish the field is used by the chinese or the male basketball those are the teams that are going to get a lot of focus in the b. matches on monday korea plays india and china plays mongolia. christan arnaldo his first competitive game with eventis ended in a dramatic late victory although he didn't get on the scoresheet himself lots of interest in the same game against cuba verona following ronaldo as one hundred million dollars over the summer event as took the lead just three minutes in sammy
4:54 pm
darrow with the goal. for then equalized and went to one up in the second half from the penalty spot. u.v. equalized off and on goal from cavers matty advantage and in the dying minutes they sealed the win. now the tensions of three defenders didn't manage to put off last his cheater in mobile as he put his team one nil up against napoli in rome the italian striker less than the mobo and showing how he managed forty one goals last season it went wrong for the home team after that though napoli equalising and then a fine goal from low end zone senior giving them two one when. manchester city and huddersfield are kicked off sunday's english premier league action the school there is currently four one to city here could take chelsea's place at the top of the early standings if they win and what put a winning at burnley as we speak while manchester united are brighton and hove
4:55 pm
albion in sunday's game. roger federer is a win away from claiming his eighth cincinnati title off to setting up a final showdown with novak djokovic the swiss is up against david go fall of belgium in the semi's they took the first set to a tie break which federal won but it looked as though his opponent was having some trouble with his shoulder and was treated courtside still the match went on go from trying to get through but with the second set level at one one he was forced to pull out. but that's how it goes sometimes you got to take him move on i'm very excited to be back in another finals here in in cincinnati against novak in particular a lot riding again on the much it's great to refresh our rivalry that we have been going on for so many years now and so i see him back having won wimbledon and snow back in another finds for him here in cincy so i think it's going to be very exciting so waiting for federer in the final after many
4:56 pm
a face and so former world number one novak djokovic to the mat in chile in three sets to reach the final and is the only moss' title to have been looted him. i did win the first said today but i wasn't really concerned how it played i was happy i played in the third so that's that's what i'll take from today's match the battle you know obviously two and a half hours more than two and a half hours against one of best players in the world what more can you ask for obviously coming into the finals playing for fun or further it's going to be a tough one to father here and several times in the finals it's my sixth hopefully hopefully this time i can get the double the asian games baseball competition starts on cheese day and one player that chapin would have loved to have and that team is busy having a stellar season in major league baseball shohei otani was brought on as a pinch hitter as the los angeles angels held a slim seven to six lead against the texas rangers and the rookie did his job yet
4:57 pm
again sending this one over the fence press three run homer the angels going on to win eleven to seven their eleven games behind houston in the american league west. now england's bowlers made short work of the indian tale on the second morning of the third cricket test against india in nottingham the visitors resumed on three hundred seven for six were all out for three hundred and twenty nine england have since moved on to eighty six three the english league series. i have moved a little bit later on now if that is the help thanks for i was well you have been watching the al-jazeera news all those stories of course on the website at al-jazeera dot called until the project because all of the news our team thanks very much for your time.
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they set sail for gold. but this cover their resorts are worth more than it's worth the human be. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charts the birth and the rise of the african slave trade mapping a history that is going to humanity. for all the gold in the world want to just go on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from other potential understand that this is all from plus or something and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera.
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raney's is about southern india's problems all getting worse the flood said carol a full seven hundred thousand people from their homes and into camps. alex the robin you're watching al-jazeera life at quarters here in doha also coming up a budget see workers in italy are trying to secure what's left of the bridge in genoa which collapsed on choose day. also tried to flee the country but nowhere to go and it's wayland's find the lack of travel documents to noise and trick it to date.


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